What Is Advisory? – 001

In this episode, Hector Garcia and Kirk Bowman explain the purpose of the Art of Advisory webcast. Hector interviews Kirk about his transition from hour billing to value pricing. Then they explore what a consultant is and what advisory work really means.


  •  Kirk explains the concept of the Smile Curve, a framework for perceiving value.
  • Hector describes how his dad helped him to decide he wanted to be a consultant.
  • Kirk defines what a consultant is and why their knowledge is valuable.
  • Hector explains the history and value of the slogan What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
  • Kirk explores the interaction between experience and perception of value in consulting.
  • Hector and Kirk discuss how to compensate for a lack of experience by publishing quality content.
  • Hector explains the vision, format and audience for the Art of Advisory webcast.

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