Questions That Trigger Advisory Services – 002

In this episode, Hector Garcia and Kirk Bowman explore the type of conversation an advisor should have with the customer. What are the questions you should ask? What are the challenges to be aware of? They explain why the discussion with your customer should be a value (why) conversation.


  • Kirk and Hector review the concept of the Smile Curve from Episode 001.
  • Kirk explains how he approaches the value (why) conversation with a customer.
  • Hector explains the axiom prescription before diagnosis is malpractice.
  • Hector describes the most common question a customer will ask an accountant.
  • Kirk and Hector explore the questions accountants do not ask (but should).
  • Hector discusses why you should call yourself an “advisor” rather than an accountant or bookkeeper.
  • Kirk explains why being defined by tax season is limiting your practice.
  • Kirk asks Hector what are the most significant transactions in a business.
  • Hector explains concept of being “independent” for a financial advisor.

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