AltAccountant is a collaboration between Hector Garcia and Kirk Bowman. It started as a FaceBook Live show in January 2018. It has expanded to include their signature education, the AltAccountant WorkShop.

Hector Garcia is the founder of Quick Bookkeeping & Accounting, an “alternative” accounting practice. He focuses on delivering value through training, advisory and coaching his client’s success. Hector has mastered his positioning, practices value pricing and innovates regularly to deliver unique services to his clients.

Kirk Bowman is the founder of Art of Value, a pricing consultancy helping professionals change their business model from hourly billing to value pricing. He is host of the Art of Value Show, a weekly podcast on value, options and pricing.

In 2009, Kirk made the decision to switch to value pricing at his software company. Revenue was up 50% the first year and 70% the second year.